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    web browser redirected


    by 2whsc ·

    I have a system running RedHat Linux, it is used as a gateway firewall. There are both MACs & PCs connected to the firewall. When either plateform try to browse the web they get redirected to site. When the platforms are not connect to the firewall they are not redirected. Has anyone seen this… and how can remove the redirect.

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      by alokchauhan1 ·

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      yes their may b some problem in ur NAT commands. can u pls send me what the command u r trying to build ur firewall or to masquerade ut n/w.

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      by jrdicker ·

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      This is not really an answer but I used to have every invalid address redirected to

      for example should have gone to

      I ran HiJack This, Spybot, Microsoft Spyware Removal, PC_Cillin (because I found a hit for qsrch on their website) and more. I even ran IE from MSVC using debug to see what modules were active.


      No BHO, no ActiveX, no search redirecting.

      It was bugging me all day long, till I found this thread.

      Here is what I did:

      1) Disabled network interface.
      2) Turn off cable modem and switch network cable from PC from the router (DLINK DI614+) to the cable modem.
      3) Turn on cable modem and enable network interface.

      At this point I was no longer being redirected to

      So then I:

      1) Disabled network connection in XP.
      2) Turned both the router and cable modem off and moved the network cables so my rotuer was getting IP from cable modem and my xp box was getting 192.168.x.x. from my router.
      3) Enable network connection again.

      Yay! no more redirection. I have no idea what part of whatever I did fixed the issue and I don’t care. I am just glad it is fixed.

      I went and changed my password on the router, even though I did not have remote administration enabled.

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      by 2whsc ·

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