Web browser vs RDC to access single app on 2003 server

By Wysocki ·
I need to provide access to a single application that is running on my 2003 Server to several of my customers. I had considered using RDC but if I set their desktop up (with an .rdp icon) to come into the server and automatically launch the app, they could edit the rdp and remove the startup app, and get right into my server desktop.

If I could prevent their editing the rdp, this would be ok, but I'd rather have a web/url access into this app. Would I have to set up a web server on the machine (how would they run the app)? I need the easiest way to let outside users get to JUST this one app on the server.

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no different

by lowlands In reply to Web browser vs RDC to acc ...

You'll have to actually harden a few more things, even providing them with a link on a webpage does not limit them from setting up a manual connection. So to make sure they can only launch your app, and not just the desktop, you'll have to somehow set it up so that this specific group of users can only start the program you want them to run. In a domain setting this can be done by applying a GPO for this group that has the Terminal services startup prgram defined. If your not in a domain, you could do this with the local policy, but then admins will only be able to launch that program as well, unless you trick it a little (deny access to the local GPO for admins of the box, a little tr4icky but it gets the job done)

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