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    Web Cam It! Web site Questions?


    by bottomsup ·

    well i have a new dilema, i am the webmaster at a bar in the cleveland area and i am just beginning the process of fine tuning the site. i am trying to set up the site to have a few top end functions. first is the online application, next mybiggest is having a live web cam on at all times so people can hop on and see what is going on at the bar before they get there. wil i need a larger server or can i use a regular host that i pay ten dollars a month to?
    any help welcome,

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      On-line Webcam

      by miles575 ·

      In reply to Web Cam It! Web site Questions?

      Your biggest issue is the speed of your upload. In order to transmit a full motion live image you need to have a fast upload connection: my suggestion is minimum 384k. Anything slower will not push out well and will appear as freeze frame rather than real time to most viewers. Check into Axis Webcams; they connect directly to your network and are terrific. Contact me if you want more info.

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      regular host

      by gmscne ·

      In reply to Web Cam It! Web site Questions?

      You can use your regular ISP provider for this. There are many programs that will capture an image from the cam and then upload it (usually by ftp ) to your homepage or some other web page at your ISP. This makes your Bar page ‘dynamic’. The problemwith $10/mo services is that they will disconnect you after about four hours and your program will have to dial-up to connect. But that’s really no problem because most of them will do this.

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