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By ITManagerOH ·
Our company wants to share data with clients. The data we want to share is technically owned by them, we are performing services related to the data. We update the data on a daily basis and our clients want visibility to these updates. We would like to build a "Web Data Service" (at least that's the name we want to put on it), to share this data with clients. This service would expose data to the users based on their login. For example, their login would filter the rowset returned to only show their data and not data for other clients. We would also limit what data they have access to based on the services we perform for them. If we do services A, B and D for them - then they can see views A, B and D - but would not see view C. We want our clients to be able to build their own queries via a web based interface and then download the data in popular formats. We would also like this system to be able to generate alert queries that would allow our clients to configure an alert such as "Whenever a record of this type is added where the keyfield value is greater than 100, email me with the details of the record."

I am having trouble finding a solution. I do not see software that can do this for me very well. I am not sure if what I am trying to do should be called a "Web Data Service" or something else. Any assistance, suggestions or ideas are welcome!

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