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By simpleton37 ·
Hello TR community! I would like to create a Website, the problem is that what is the BEST software in web designing? and are they better than Dreamweaver and Notepad++? Because I would like to study that. Please answer me. Thanks!

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Way to difficult to answer this question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Web design

what is the BEST software in web designing?

This all depends on what it is you are designing. Web Pages that are straight Text and have no Flash or so on may be easier to design in something else.

Very large Complex Web Pages with lots of Flash and everything else may or may not be easier to design in Dreamweaver as this all depends on what the person doing the design is comfortable in using. Also depending on who is hosting the Web Page Dreamweaver may not be an option.

Maybe this site is a better place to look at as it is specifically geared to the question you have asked

http://webdesign.about .com/od/htmleditors/a/aa121304.htm
remember to remove the space from between about and the .com for a working link.

However if you are planning on doing a Specific Web Design Course you would have to look at what that Training Place uses and use that.


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Thank you!

by simpleton37 In reply to Way to difficult to answe ...

Well, I know a little in Dreamweaver but before I want to go on a hard training and study I want first to know if it is the latest or coolest software that a webpage designer uses.

Maybe for now I start first for the static webpage until I master it I'll try later on the dynamic.

By the way, if its okay for you, do you know any website that has a free tutorials about this? Because I don't have money. :-(

Thanks for sharing these information Col. Your the best!

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Way to difficult to answe ...

Well Dream weaver is a common application used in Web Site Design so it's an Industry Standard.

As for Web Sites on How to Use Dreamweaver you can try these

http://www.ncsu .edu/viste/how_to_use_DW/index.html

http://tv.adobe .com/show/learn-dreamweaver-cs4/
remember the bit about removing the space for a working link.

and if I remember correctly Dreamweaver itself has some tutorials in it which may be useful.


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Web design

by catblack In reply to Web design

When I first started web design I first studied HTML then CSS but now what I would recommend is to learn HTML,CSS and Wordpress as most sites are now using this for there sites and for blogs also,As flash is frond upon by Google do not learn or use it.

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why wordpress?

by simpleton37 In reply to Web design

Is this the latest? Is it much better than dreamweaver? and what is the advantage of wordpress in notepad++? thanks very much for sharing sir.

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my web design

by airwalkers In reply to Web design

Is Notepad++ is good?Even i m ignorant of the software in creating website.my friend suggested me http://www.thewebpole.com/ they provided web building tools.i chose my own themes,templates,images that was suitable for my site and my site was ready :) .This made my work easy :) according to me this is the easier way to create a website.But even i have to learn how using Notepad++ and see how it works. thank you

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It's not about the software

by UbuntuJon In reply to Web design

I'm a web developer and my advice would be to not even go near Dreamweaver. It's not about the software, it's about learning the right technologies and best practices. I would suggest buying a book that teaches you HTML and CSS (Sitepoint have a good one). Read that and you will be able to build a website properly, rather than hack one together. Then learn PHP and you'll be able to do anything you want. As for software, just use a simple text editor such as Notepad++.

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Learn the basics first

by whatzup In reply to Web design

I agree with ubuntujon, learn the basics like HTML, CSS, and then move on to PHP, and java script. Stuff like Dreamweaver is great to know, but it doesn't teach the basics as a matter of fact things like Dreamweaver make it so any person can create a web page, but not necessarily understand what they are doing in the process. Like I said Dreamweaver is nice, but learn the basics, after that you can pick any IDE, you would like and develop your code.

When I took a class a few years ago I used Textpad to write my HTML code.

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