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By khunter ·
Hi all,
I'm back with some new (for me) questions.

Design Description:
On paper, my design is 2 rows, 3 columns with the center column on the bottom row as the 'main' viewing page (largest of the six areas). The top row (banner) will be three photos that will link to different pages (on the 'main').
The left and right column on the bottom row are for navigation buttons and will be static (also displaying on the 'main' area).
I've been working on a template using frames so that the only dynamic area is at the bottom center ('main') frame. So far that is the only page until I figure out the best procedure.

The Question(s):
What would be the best and/or easiest design fomat? I've heard tables (from non-professionals) and read that frames would work best (for what I want).
Any other suggestions (other than hiring a professional designer)?

The Design Environment:
Currently using Dreamweaver Studio 2004 on a Wintel PC. The site will reside on a hosted Linux server.
I attempted to use Fusion 8, but it seemed restrictive when it came to tweaking the HTML and laying out the basic design structure.

TIA for any and all help.

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No frames

by faradhi In reply to Web Design Format Suggest ...

I don't like frames at all. The reason is that if you are loading a page with three frame, then you are actually loading four pages. One for each frame and the page that defines the frame layout.

I prefer to use tables. I find that tables load quicker than frames, are easier to code, and have better cross compatibility between browsers.

Also, Please Please please code your web page to work on multiple browsers.

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Frames v Tables v CSS

by khunter In reply to No frames

Is that the case even when only frame 5 is the dynamic (after the main site is loaded)?
frame areas: 1 2 3
4 5 6
I've been doing a little searching around and it looks like CSS may be a posibility, but I'm open to input from one and all.

PS, site will be tested on every browser I can get my hands on before I upload it.

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am I alone?

by master3bs In reply to No frames

There has been a move away from frames in recent years. Now whatever method you use, it has to be well designed. But I find a well thought out webpage with a table of contents frame to be one of the most effecient designs.

You only load up the index once.

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Can't agree more

by Deadly Ernest In reply to am I alone?

I am in a rural area with dial up as the only economical option (sat is too expensive) and can get 37.2 kbps on a very good day (usually around 28.8 kbps), and trying to access web pages with several megabytes of fancy java and images is a *******. I especially hate it when the site I HAVE to go to has a set of java scripts that load a fancy banner and a fancy menu on every bloody page because the posterior puncture that wrote the code was either too lazy or too stupid to set it up in frames to only download those few MBs only once. I particularly hate it when you look at the code and see a script that then calls several other scripts - seems they have trouble writting big sections of code properly - and it is the same code on every bloody page. Very inefficient.

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That's the main thing I like about frames

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to am I alone?

you can have a go at organising/modularising your code instead of wodging it all one file and then giving it good stir, which seems to be a standard when I look at some efforts out there.

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Frames = bad

by twoclones In reply to That's the main thing I l ...

Frames make your page very difficult to 'read' or even understand the over all message for the visually impaired visitor using screen reader software. Unless your content/messagae is for sighted people only, I'd avoid frames all together.


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Hoping to use CSS

by khunter In reply to Frames = bad

With all the great input I've received on this topic, I'm in the process of learning CSS and designing some test pages to get the design I want. Stay tuned...

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CSS is best!

by pennatomcat In reply to Hoping to use CSS

The combination of CSS and php includes allows your code to be compact and robust. This way, your repetitive code loads only once. There are a lot of good free CSS templates on the web. Pick one, plug in your code, and salt to taste--then you're good to go very quickly. Do yourself a favor--go to w3schools.com and learn the basics. Stay away from wysiwyg editors--they tend to produce a lot of garbage code. Take a look at HTML Kit. It's free and there are a lot of open source plugins to make your job easier.

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By the way.........

by pennatomcat In reply to CSS is best!

Test your CSS in several browsers for compatability.
Micro$oft Infernal Exploiter is the worst offender!

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to satisfy you and faradhi

by Jaqui In reply to Web Design Format Suggest ...

the functionality of the frames.
without using frames.
the other benefit, it doesn't give you that terrible coding mess of the over used and abused tables from **** website design that most sites are using now.


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