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Web Design software v.s Manual scripting

By Thando Vuzane - Web Developer ·
I was viewing the source of numerous websites to see the type of scripting that goes into them, and noticed how many of them were developed using Visual <a href="">web design</a> software, I can tell from the not well layout indent of the tags and weird characters in the scripting of some of them.

Then I thought of the how much of a pain it would be to edit those pages should you be appointed to take over the site. When basic HTML editing is required, how many Web Developers would have the full understanding of all tags & scripting to be able to edit such pages.

It seems as if most <a href="">Web Developers</a> are now too dependant on Web Design software which tends to limit their ability to fully understand the basic html scripting that goes into designing a web page. How many web Developers can hand script an entire web project?

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I can

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Web Design software v.s M ...

And, I have. It's nice sometimes to know whats going on under the hood (bonnet). There are way too many drag-and-drop web developers out there.

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It's the fault of

by Jaqui In reply to Web Design software v.s M ...

the Multimedia developers.
they don't want to know how to code right, generally. They just want to be able to push the non-content of multimedia on people as fast as possible.

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But if it works.....

by robo_dev In reply to Web Design software v.s M ...

From a security perspective, I've looked very very closely at sites such as those done with Ektron CMS.

Very, very, solid code, and quite frankly, idiot-proof code from a vulnerability standpoint.

Sure, the developers are limited in how creative they can get with their coding, but this also means fewer issues such as the developer who can produce beautiful dreamweaver pages, but cannot understand why input validation is such a big deal.

The issue that I see is that many web developers do not understand web application security well enough. In this case, you would want this person using a very strict CMS or IDE, and 'hand scripting' is just giving them more rope to hang with.

Web apps are the soft target of any network...they are the holes in the firewall.

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by diwadm In reply to Web Design software v.s M ...

Nowadays, sites are developed by people with different specializations. For instance in my company, I have front end guy who does the design and a HTML coder who hand codes the design to a web page. The web page is then given to the backend programmer for integration to the CMS or back-end system.

Though we use tools like Dreamweaver, we use it as an editor, not it's GUI-based layout tool.

Personally, I am not a fan of web design software like Frontpage and Dreamweaver. They output horrible code.

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