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web design strategy!

By omar_MIT ·
I have a small business for web design
and I want to set a strategy for the work, should I go with the design a standard modules then build the sites base on it ? (like CMS or e-commerc)
or should I design every site alone ?
what are the advantages and disadvantages for every strategy ?? (cost, employee , customer, ..etc)


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by Oz_Media In reply to web design strategy!

I started with e-commerce template style sites in the late 80's, early 90's then evolved into using Dreamweaver WYSIWYG and custom scripts for a much better overall look.

I made a few small business sites but found that new designs and java scripts were needed for bigger business and better customization.

Building e-commerce style sites is EASY, CHEAP and QUICK but your customers will demand more if you are working with business to business sales. The homepage for residential or non-business use is fine in template style but not customizable enough for a business.

What I now do is meet with the customer and start a graphic design on paper. I study the products sold and the target market, this hepls with the grapic layout as well. I offer suggestions and ask questions about how the sight will be used, what information needs to be gathered, forms needed, email and contact styles (whether by phone, fax, form field, email links etc) and then start by building header and navigation systems. Once a basic template is built, I design the css styles, rollover images, cell/table layouts for the templates and decide how many different templates are needed based on the layout styles needed for each type.

This is just to get a basic layout started.

To compare cost of filling in templates with the cost of DESIGNING a CUSTOM template for each site is hard. Comparing the results of a template based system to a custom designed site is NOT hard, one is just a web page, the other looks good enough to sell your products and services.

IMPORTANT: Designing the page is the mere tip of the iceberg, proper site positioning depends on customizing each page to suit a certain search engine's algorhythm, not just repeating key words in meta tags (which by the way lowers your page rank instead of increasing it). This is enough in itself to justlfy the higher cost to your potential client when you consider that searchers will rarely look past the first ten returned hits.

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by hellosp In reply to web design strategy!


Strategise on working with components/modules. Keep these as ready to use to cut down your time. To keep your costs low, you can also use outsourcing/collaborating with developers in countries like India as a part of your strategy.

Good Luck,

Pal Ahuja

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