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Web Designer Programs...

By epelezo ·
Im wondering , i used to use Geocities Pagebuilder , never had to worry about putting little tables and such but now i need to move on and im wondering whats the best proggy that dosent have to make little cells for every site , it gets really annoying (for instance you may place text anywhere on the site , it dosent have to be right next to something :-/ , - please someone give me a good program , thanks eric

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There is one option

by Yatin U In reply to Web Designer Programs...

If you do not want to use tables,then CSS positioning might be the only choice available to you.For eg.
To position the word 'yatin' on the webpage 20px from left and 500px from top.
<div style="position:absolute;left:20px;top:500px">yatin</div>

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by carl.ruopp.jr In reply to Web Designer Programs...

I personally think that Dreamweaver is the best package for web development.

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Dreamweaver/UltraDev ROCKS!!!

by jestep333 In reply to Web Designer Programs...

I'm a professional web designer/developer and I can HIGHLY recommend Macromedia's web design and development tools. For designing pages, Dreamweaver is great. If you need to integrate database information, UltraDev is just the tool. And...Flash is just too cool!

Good luck and best wishes.

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re: Web Designer Programs...

by Oscar Eg Gensmann In reply to Web Designer Programs...

Well basically what you're asking for is something that's against all nature of the current available clientside web design languages.

Every solution you'll find will always be a close to perfect solution which tries to imitate a DTP model using different Code-hacks aso.

Unfortunately most of the programs which do what you're looking for are in very bad sync with the current webstandards. They mostly tries to cover the top market browsers which is understandable. However it creates a range of problems like:

- You have to use the original program to edit the code.

- You have to know what the program does on code level to edit the code with another editor.

- By not supporting webstandards ( it makes it difficult for other browser producents to release a browser onto the market, which limits the competition in the market.

- If you're not following webstandards you risk that suddenly one day (that may be tomorrow or in 10 years you never know) someone releases a browser so fantastic that everybody begins to use it, but unfortunately it only supports webstandards and your site will look crummy in it. Supporting webstandards will to some degree make it sure that your site i most the cases will be usable and to some degree look alike.

One of HTML/XHTML/CSS strongest features is that it's fleksibel and able to adapt to the current viewer. That might not give you pixel perfect designs, however it will give you the ability to design code that is viewable in many different scenarios and by that minimizing the work needed for building different versions for different scenarios.

So my personal suggestion to you would be to forget the idea of web interfaces to act like a piece of paper or a magazine, but instead look at it as a flexible surface with elements able to adapt itself to the given situation.

Yours Faithfully
Oscar Eg Gensmann

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Some links you might find usefull...

by Oscar Eg Gensmann In reply to re: Web Designer Programs ...

The text limit on 1930 characters didn't allowed me to post some links that you maybe find usefull if you decided to explorer the wonderful world of Not-Pixel-Perfect Webdesign.

Fear of Style Sheets is a really good introduction to stylesheets:

A cool little story explaining something about webstandards:

A real life case story of redesigning with CSS:

And finally a little information about webstandards:

Best wishes and good luck on the fabulous WWW.

Yours Faithfully
Oscar Eg Gensmann

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DW and then hand coding...

by Single - In reply to Web Designer Programs...

I would also highly recommend DreamWeaver since it produces very standard complient code and has great funtionality built in especially if you want to use CSS. Unfortunately CSS won't solve all your problems quite yet so you just might need to stickwith tables a little longer.

Otherwise, just learn hand coding.

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by andremedeiros In reply to DW and then hand coding.. ...

It doesn't have necesarilly to be DW. I love to use HomeSite + TopStyle. Those two together can beat any software. The best thing you can do is to learn HTML (use notepad) and then move on to HomeSite. Dreamweaver and such tools may be good and easy, but when you have problems, you have to understand why they happen and how to solve them. I started with notepad, and, although dreamweaver is a GREAT tool, I only use it when I'm not in the mood for hand coding

The best advice I can give youis this. Good luck

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Another vote for hand coding

by John Wilker In reply to Web Designer Programs...

DW and UD are fine but I much prefer hand coding and can do most things almost as fast as the WYSIWYG tools. I also agree that learning the HTML can't be beat.


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