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Web designer?

By webmaster101 ·
Hi There,
I need good advice!


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by Shellbot In reply to Web designer?

is it that they call you in to work weekends and you would Prefer to just log on from home rather than go into the office, OR do they expect you to work from home on the weekends without a lap top?
My only advice is to point out that with a lap top to take home you would save the time it takes to go to office (so less overtime paid) and means you could get more quality work done, rather than sitting in a car!
Guess is depends on what they want really.
I find managers always get lap tops, yet a good portion of the ones i know just carry the frikken things around to look smart, all they use them for is to check thier email (while in a busy crowded place, while loking around with a smug look of "I've got a lap top and a wireless you?")

Bah humbug..
Ask yourself this:
Do you want a lap top to work from home?
It sometimes means they then will expect you do more from home!

I refused a cell phone from my company, because then i'd be at thier beck and call 24-7. I pay for my own phone, as this way when i shut don't answer it, its none of thier busines!!!!

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How fair is this?

by webmaster101 In reply to clarify

I do have my own laptop, but do not find it fair enough to use my own resources for company purposes. I use to use it, until I had a HD crash with co info in it(long story). But is it fair for a corporate web developer to go w/out a co laptop?

Should I raise it with the IT Manager or the CE?

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What's the business gain

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Web designer?

by providing one ?
The only advantage to them in providing facilities for you to work from home instead of attending is to respond to a problem quicker.

So it depends on the business impact of the problems you fix.
Access to the company network is a wholly different problem. Providing, securing and administering that is far more of a cost than a mere portable. In fact if it's in place and done properly the company would only want you to connect with one of their PCs anyway, so they can lock it down and reduce potential security problems from unpoliced hardware allowed to tunnel inside the firewall.
Last 24/7 place I worked, the cost of downtime was expresssed in minutes. The 20 minutes travel time for me to get to work cost them ?500, so the business case was pretty strong.
If you can't put it in those terms though, it's going to be hard idea to sell.

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