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Web developer in a Mac environment

By tingtank ·
I only saw one post that covered Mac alongside with Windows, so
hopefully my post doesn't seem too redundant.

Virtualization: My only computer is a Macbook (white one, please),
but I do have Parallels (not free, also requires a Windows license, to test in IE and use the holy grail of all
diffing tools, which brings me to...

Diffing: Beyond Compare (not free, http:// Others have already vouched for its
awesomeness, so I won't go into details. I can't wait till the
developers of BC come out with the Mac version.

HTML/CSS/XML/JavaScript/Java/etc. editing: I mostly use Intellij IDEA
(not free, for this. It ain't cheap, but
it is powerful. You'll use more of its features if you are a Java
developer. I have tinkered with Coda (not free, http://, which attempts to be your one-stop shop for
text editing by bundling in FTP functionality, terminal window, as
well as a CSS reference.

Browsers: Safari 2 (free,, Firefox 2
(free, Mac and Windows,, IE (sort of free, all
versions, As a side note, Safari is
now available on PC, as well. Within Firefox, I can't live without the
following add-ons (all free): Web Developer (http://, Firebug (http://, and Live HTTP Headers (http://

FTP: Transmit (not free, is and will
always be my FTP client love on Mac. However, I have tried
CyberDuck (free,, which is okay. It uses the
system keychain to store your FTP credentials.

Graphics: Photoshop (obviously not free). I use nothing else.

Utilities: Quicksilver (free, has
been out since before Spotlight, so I'm still used to using it to launch
programs without mousing around, find stuff on my computer that I
didn't even know was relevant, and index important directories. I also
substitute iTerm (free, in the place of
the default Terminal application since it allows for tabbed windows
and bookmarks.

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