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    Web Developer Tired of Constantly Changing Software – Must have dev tools?


    by jdlev ·

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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been ‘programming’ at what I would call an amateur level for a few years now, and one of the problems I have run into is a disconnect between the tools I’m using for development and creating a viable web application. I’ve work on developing my web app off and on for more than 2 years now, and whether it’s the framework, code editor, or testing environment – I’m seemingly always shuffling the tools I’m using to create my website application. Hence, my problem becomes becoming a ‘jack of many trades and master of none’. I’d like to hear the tools you guys would recommend as the ‘best’ tools for building the web application I’m trying to develop.

    Here’s a quick synopsis of the application’s functionality I’d like to build:

    1. Community/Interactive Website w/ 3-4 groups of users & role mgmt: Been using wordpress w/ plugin profile builder pro, but have also dabbled w/ joomla and nodejs to a limited extent.
    2. User Capabilities
    – Standard Profile & Newsletter Subscription Mgmt
    – Free Account/Paid Account Areas
    – Forum Access
    – Account to Account Messaging/Private Messages
    – Ability to Save Certain File Types to Account (.pdf/.docx/images/etc)
    3. Form/Survey/Questionnaire Answering & Saving
    – Users will work their way through large, multi-page forms based on template selected w/ any entries saved automatically along the way.
    – Ability to monitor progress along the way (i.e. if they’re 50% of their way through the form for a section, a progress bar at the top would show that)
    4. Document Generation – form data will be entered into finalized template that can then be previewed and saved to the users account (hence the need to save .docx or .pdf files to a user account or private url tied to user account)
    5. I’ve heard G Suite can accomplish some of what I’m looking for – specifically integration between google forms, and templates in google docs. If the forms could also integrate w/ google sheets, and allow the user to save all files to their google drive – which could be linked to their user dashboard on my website, that could present an ideal solution – but to be honest, I’ve only started to examine G Suite functionality/capabilities.

    That’s the general functionality I’m looking for. If you guys were building this web app, what would be your must have dev tools like framework/language/software/editor/test env?

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      by royjason148 ·

      In reply to Web Developer Tired of Constantly Changing Software – Must have dev tools?

      Here I must say Technology must evolve itself to bring more flexibility and work effectively to save a bunch of time. (link removed by moderator) I personally really like your vision to evolve your concept of developing functionality to save lots of time for other developers. Thank you. As this, I found this forum is really helping and give a huge amount of informative threads to read. Good Luck for your Dream to develop such a helping functionality.

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