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    Web Developing


    by jess_77 ·

    I actually have a few questions. I’ll just list them.
    Is this field mostly male?
    What kind of math classes do I need to take in college?
    What kind of programs do I need to learn?
    Is Web Developing the same as Web Page Designing?

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      Web Developing

      by mrs_helm ·

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      NOT MALE DOMINATED. I am one of MANY females “working the web”, and our numbers are increasing.

      Math: That may depend on the college/program you choose. Courses/degrees in the internet field are still relatively new, so they can vary greatly. Check out a few colleges you think you could attend and see what degree they offer and what courses are required. At minimum, you can count on taking the math required under general ed. for an associates degree – maybe college algebra 2.

      What programs you learn will again be dependent on the college – most of them pick one platform/web server combo and go with it. These are usually popular choices, so they’ll be a good bet. But you can gain experience with other platforms/softwares by taking advantage of free/low cost hosting offers, or thru internships, volunteer work, or “side jobs”.

      Web Developing and Web Page Designing go hand in hand, and often the same person does both – at least at small- to mid-sized companies.

      Web Page Designing is focused more o

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      Web Developing

      by rez ·

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      I teach web development and I can tell you that the male/female mix is pretty even.
      Math classes? No special requirements needed.
      Programming Languages: HTML, Java, Visual Basic SQL and maybe C++ would be more than enough. In some areas of business PERL is still a good choice.
      In my view, Web Developing is NOT the same a Web Page Designing. To me, Web Developing mean the creation of business solutions over the web. Designing is more the user-interface, cosmetics (front-end). You need both types of skills within a company to support an effective web site.

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      Web Developing

      by bwise ·

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      In my experience and in my region it is definitely mostly male, but the female percentage increases with every passing day.

      I agree that there is no math class that is necessary for web development, but you do need the analysis skills that the tougher math classes will teach you.

      I think the problem is that people learn programs, learn languages: HTML, VBScript, JScript, ASP, and even XML. Also know your browsers, a good developer understands all the browser limitations.

      Web page designing is page placement, web developing is actually writing the code that places it where you want it.

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