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By adamwillson ·
I am looking for a solution for stopping spam getting through my website form. My website completely design and devolve in HTML and also used Jquery. Please suggest me solution for this problem.

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Web development

by purplepragnya123 In reply to web development

Whenever your website becomes popular obviously the spam will increases. There are different ways of spam avoidance including:
Banning IP addresses
Forcing users to register and verify their email before posting
CAPTCHA images or similar Turing tests
Third-party solutions designed to use ever-growing directories of known spammers to compare against
Manually moderating or approving posts

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web development

by hashsoftwaremohali In reply to web development

Spammers spam because they are paid to do so and spamming is a remunerative exercise. You can identify the spammer by going through the logs that can reveal the IP address and other crucial info. Just block the IP addresses and introduce moderation of comments with Captcha on.

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Stopping Spam

by WebDevGuru In reply to web development

I would install an instance of Captcha. It is the most used spam stopping solution on the web. If you need a custom install or a custom version of captcha you might want to contact Gaston Digital. Their lead developer Michael Pereira has designed an automated Captcha interface that allows you to choose the features you want on the install. Its brilliant and Mike let me have a copy of his code, so I'm sure if you ask he will let you have one too.

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Spam protection

by kyle.connor211 In reply to web development

Hmm. As everyone said, Using a Captcha will be useful for spambots but not for manual spammers.
If you have a WordPress site, you could install Akismet plugin that stops all sorts of spams on your website.

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: web development

by angelanna401 In reply to web development

Knowing the source is the first step in preventing because the below 3 types are all handled differently , the email SPAM, blog comment SPAM and web form SPAM (e.g contact forms).make sure the below key points.

Use Good Contact Form,Hide the forms from search engines ,use techniques such as captcha to prevent spam bots.

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