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    Web Development!


    by :merr: ·

    If someone is attempting to make a website strictly for personal use, and fond of the Power behind php but doesn’t want the forum or community aspect , strictly the design and eye candy.

    What language could people go with?
    And if anyone has any resources to those , templates tutorials if need be and other things. That would be greatly appreciated.


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      by :merr: ·

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      Not sure what you are asking…..

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Are you saying that you like the looks of PHPBB and want to design a site using that “look”, but don’t want the forum or community aspect of the bulletin board?

      PHP and CSS

      You can design a site that looks like the bulletin board using PHP for the power and CSS for the look. Heck, for that matter, you can do it with HTML and CSS too. But, that wouldn’t have the “power”.

      So, I guess we need to know what you need/want the power for?

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        Hope I can Clarifiy

        by :merr: ·

        In reply to Not sure what you are asking…..

        Sorry to be so vague. It’s difficult for me to properly phrase this. So I’ll do my best to rephrase to hopefully better describe my desire.

        I love how PHP in general can Look very Neat and Clean , has the shout box etc.. etc..

        I’ also enjoy the admin panel that allows me to change my colours etc..Also the ability to place an active window in the website for something along the lines of a blog etc.. And it’s remarkable simplicity to add and edit information on all pages if your admin.

        Simply Click… Edit etc…

        However – I don’t want anything that is community based , the ability for people to “login” or “create an account”
        I want this to simply be a personal website that is just for people to read and only I have access too.

        Am I making sense?

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          by :merr: ·

          In reply to Hope I can Clarifiy

          Anything? Anyone?

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          You are confused……

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to Hope I can Clarifiy

          PHP is a programming language in itself. You can use PHP to design web sites such as what you’re talking about. But, that takes knowing the language and a whole lot more.

          What you’re using and looking at is probably PHPBB or another “forum” type of installation. So, if you could tell us what you’re looking at, maybe a URL for us to look at, perhaps we could tell you how to configure the board so that nobody can create an account. They can just read it.

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          by :merr: ·

          In reply to You are confused……

          Seems I am!

          I love how Php designs look so I suppose then not using Php obviously , what exactly would be something that gives ease of use yet a lot of power for lots of glitter while at the same time not overly complex. ?

          I’m aware I’m asking for quite a bit , and your assitance is very appreciated

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          Ok… I Think I may have it.

          by :merr: ·

          In reply to hm

          Let me try to rephrase this.

          After Much more research – and reading what you’ve said again.

          Basically this is my Goal

          Wikipedia, this website has a point and click form of editing , so long as you login, and on some articles anonymous.

          What I would like , is the ability to edit my page(s) in the same manner but without the Wiki Feeling – Hence the reference to PHP. I like how PHP sites feel and look, and then assumed that php was a web based language only. However – after further education I understand otherwise.

          Pardon My inability to properly describe my interest.

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          that is simple

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Ok… I Think I may have it.

          install a wiki script, configure it to only allow editing by members logged in, but do not enable people to sign up for an account.
          most wikis have that functionality.


          use a blog script or any other cms script.

          they are mostly written in php, and will let you create the look you want, and enable only those features you want.

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          by :merr: ·

          In reply to that is simple

          Ah , ok ,

          So , I’ve been looking into them for abit now , Still am. It seems to me that the Wiki maybe the way to go. However, how friendly is this for someone without much experience in the Wiki Language. I do know that Wikipedia has it’s own language almost. Are there any WYSISYG variations of the Wiki?

          Also , would I have to edit the actual source of the wiki to disable those settings you were talking about? Or is there a system already said up for it, where I can basically just turn it off and on?

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          by jaqui ·

          In reply to that is simple

          all require some knowledge of the wiki markup for effective use, blogs are much better for wysiwyg content.
          both have a fully scripted admin interface for control of options.

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