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By ahewitt ·
I would like to hear some thoughts on the pros/cons of using java beans vs java script in the development of enterprise level web applications.

Also, some thoughts on the use of cold fusion. Would you consider this legacy technology or still relative/ good to use given what's available?

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Not sure what you mean

by epepke In reply to Web Development

I'm not sure what you mean about Java beans versus Javascript. Beans are things that you can use with Java, and you can use Java without beans. Javascript is totally unrelated to Java, except for the name. You can just get away with it for Intranet but not for Internet.

Cold Fusion is fine, but you can get the same functionality by writing CGI Perl scripts.

Personally, when doing enterprise Intranet, I try to avoid Java. It's a fairly decent language, but you have to deal with making sure everyone has the right plug-in in their browser or stick to the old API. I much prefer to build applications using CGI in Perl with Javascript to do some of the work.

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Web Development

by ahewitt In reply to Not sure what you mean

Thanks for the response. That was helpful. Just one question. Why do you think Javascript is not appropriate for the internet?

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Javascript is client processed

by khwallis In reply to Web Development

Javascript has very definite uses. If your site requires processing on the client browser without a return trip to the server, javascript is an option (but not the only option). Not all browsers, however, understand javascript in the same fashion.

Javascript is not appropriate for high intensity processing. The browser is not designed for continuous processing of the GUI. Browsers preoccupied with javascript processing become much less responsive to the user. Additionally, the javascript code is effectively published so any proprietary or security sensitive logic rendered into the website pages as javascript is compromised.

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Not Javascript, Java

by epepke In reply to Web Development

The big problem with Java (Applets) for internet applications is that you can't control what kind of browser is being used and what version of the Java Virtual Machine is loaded. With recent versions of both NetScape and Explorer, you have to make sure that the plug-ins are correctly installed. This is really only something you have control over in an intranet.

Furthermore, Java applets tend to get pretty big and can be sluggish on certain machines. A lot of internet users might not want to wait the time to download them.

JavaScript is entirely client-side and is used most approprately to do simple things. You do have to deal with different versions, but it is possible to write code that accomodates all of them.

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JavaScript, Cold Fusion

by twhaight In reply to Web Development

one of the most common uses of JavaScript is form validation. You can use it to make sure required fields have something in them (and in the correct format) before the form is processed by the server.

Cold Fusion is used for data conntected web pages. It is a direct competitor with Microsoft's Active Server Pages. CF is easier to program than ASP, and saves you a lot of steps.
For example the tag cfinput tag, used in cfform, with required added to it, will generate the javascript to validate that something is in the field.

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