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    web development and technology


    by piccosoft ·

    what are upcoming technology of web development and web design

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      It’s hard to identify the one main one

      by kognisjon ·

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      There are many trends for web development/design for this year, many of them are similiar with the previous one, however it’s obvious that the new year started not so long ago and they’ll definetely change during it.
      Anyway the main ones among them now are:
      – using of 3-dimensional illustration
      – tendency of creating simple, serious logos instead of playful and too original
      – rising of ‘brutalism’ style in general for the design
      – using of more iconoclastic and divers illustration styles, original images and stock photos bundles
      – using of vintage style for making logos
      – widespreading of the design tools which create the tighter integration of it with coding
      – great amount of screen-dominating and massive text

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      Upcoming Technology

      by swarnalakshimiinte ·

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      Upcoming technology of webdesign and development is like:

      1. Single Page Applications
      2. Artificial Intelligence
      3. Push Notifications
      4. Progressive Web Apps

      These following factors will be the current and upcoming technology in webdesign development.

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      Top 8 Web Development Trends of 2019

      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to web development and technology

      AI or Bots


      Progressive Web App

      Single Page Application

      Mobile-Friendly Website

      Motion UI

      Block chain Technology

      Cyber security

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      web development and technology

      by naman123 ·

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      1. Artificial intelligence
      2. Virtual reality
      3. Web design evolution
      4. Internet of Things
      5. Browser Extensions Will Be More Popular
      6. Cybersecurity

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      Upcoming technologies for web Dev in 2019

      by roncloudgeek ·

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      hey kv66494,

      Here are the upcoming technologies in Web Dev & web Design

      1)Node Js
      2)Angular JS
      4)Adobe XD
      6)Single page web apps

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      web development and technology

      by jdmwebtechnologies ·

      In reply to web development and technology

      The upcoming technology of website design & development is pretty bright. You should try your career in it. if you need much money in a limited period of time. It’s a very best option in a career if you are interested in private jobs.

      Today around 80% of teenagers having smartphones. They also love to surf the internet. So, we can assume that it’s a world of opportunities, you need to grab them. There are many website design & development company which are doing great business and they always looking to hire talent.

      But you need regularity and passions to get a better result. In this industry, there are different types of a subsection like mobile app development or online marketing services.

      You can choose them according to your choice.

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