Web Development or Network Administration?

By eman08 ·
Hi I like both networking and programming what is the best route to go for if I do a two year Associates Applied Science degree? I don't plan on going straight into a Computer Science 4 year program right now as I want to start working after two years right a way. My plan is to get a job after I get my two year degree and purse my bachelor's later while i'm working full time either taking night classes or transfer my credits to an online school to get my bachelor's.

What I mean about Web Development is Developing Web applications, mobile Web applications and doing front end development, back end development of websites , and Programming in java, ccs3, javascript, html5, mysql, PHP, ajax, json, dom, .net, c# ActionScript etc.

While on the other hand Web Design is totally different from web development as web designers don't do the programming/development, as designers focuses more on the look and appearance of webpages, gui design, Page layout and styling, graphics, text, colors, texture, some html and css, flash, illustrator etc while Web Design is NOT my type of thing and plus web designers not make as much as web developers also known as Web Programmers.

And what I mean about Computer Networking is administration of networks. CCNA/Linux/ windows networking etc.

Which is the best route to go for?

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Request for Clarification

by bepetersn In reply to Clarifications

What program are you in, and where, it sounds like an awesome one--to just get an associate's degree, I wish I had that option.

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Web developer, clearly

by HypnoToad72 In reply to Web Development or Networ ...

All the network/server staff in my department are increasingly apprehensive over the cloud, with data and duties 'delegated' to the cloud provider. Management doesn't care about ramifications, and if the management is betrayed people are wondering who will take the responsibility.

Then again, more web development jobs are going offshore...

So, become a plumber, political talk show host (preferably along the political viewpoints of Limbaugh, Beck, or Stern since the liberal side can't seem to keep itself going), or h00ker if you want a stable job. If you can call any of those fields "serious work". After all, even "Joe the Plumber" had to be a total fraud to get anywhere - and that makes a cool web search...

It's all good.

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Reponse To Answer

by eman08 In reply to Web developer, clearly

Dude your post was so lame! All I ask was question about which career track should I choose since I like both.

Your statement about Web development jobs was a bunch of bull. Where is your proof, facts, and documents? Web Development Jobs are not going anywhere check the BLS website yourself. Also by the way programming jobs Real actually slowly coming back to the United States because the quality of software development is declining in India as people in India are doing a poor sloppy job in developing quality software and that developers into the United States make better quality software and foreign wages are going up.

Mobile Applications Development Is another key sector that's keeping the programming field growing. Notice on the BLS Computer Programming jobs are NOT declining anymore? Programming job growth went from -3% to +12%.

So stop saying these jobs are being offshore when really they are starting to come back!


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What program I'm in?

by eman08 In reply to Web Development or Networ ...


I'm not in a actual program yet. There are several two year degrees I like. Here is a list of two year associates applied science degrees that are in my interest but having trouble deciding on which router to go for in today's market as I like them all but only can pick one.

AAS Web Technologies - within emphasis on web programming in java object oriented programming with PHP, html5, ccs3, javascript, jquery, mysql, sql database, json, dom, java server pages, java applets, also includes topics in Mobile Web applications Development

AAS Local Area Network Management - with an emphasis on computer networking, network security, CCNA, Linux, Windows, netware/novell A+, security+, network+ ccnp etc.

AAS Computer Programming - with both emphasis in .NET programming and Java programming, also includes sql database, data structures, systems analysis & design, HTML5, CSS3 Javascript & Jquery also includes topics in Mobile Web Applications Development , visual basic, .ado

AAS Electronics Engineering Technology with emphasis in Electronics, Communications, Microcontrollers,microprocessors with C programming and labview, digital electronics, analog electronics, semiconductors, circuits etc.

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What is your personality?

by jtechip In reply to Web Development or Networ ...

You'll do better if you are very interested in the things that become your daily work. If you browse online, are you more interested in reading stuff about networks and security, or are you more interested in checking out different web applications? Working as a "developer" may give you more personal freedom in the long run - more consulting/project opportunities, more opportunities to work odd hours... I see the network admin thing as more of a 9-5 or so routine within a company. The other things - for a network admin, the buck stops with you! For a developer, you might not be getting the support phone calls. As far as where jobs are available, well, if you like what you are doing (rather than doing what you think you should for one reason or another), I think you will be more likely to have a job. Technologies will always change, so whatever direction you choose to start out in, be aware you will continually be learning new tools etc. I applaud your decision to get a 2 year degree and then start working. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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