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I am a Systems Engineer with a career oriented to mainframes software development.

Actually I would like to move to the web development with data base access (ecommerce systems) and will appreciatte your feedback about a reasonable starting point.

I mean what kind of development platform should I consider it in terms of learning curve, training costs, development tool flexibility.

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beats me!

by not an underage In reply to Web Development - Startin ...
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several options

by Jaqui In reply to Web Development - Startin ...

java & javascript [ for oracle backends ]
xhtml /xml/xslt*

learning sql [ if you don't already know it ] will be usefull no matter what scripting language you use.

the specifics for each dbms is language specific, an example:
mysql_connect($dbname, $user, $password) in php
pgsql_connect($dbname, $user, $password) in php

this is different in java, asp, perl, python, ruby....

a good resource to help decide which one to go with would be sourceforge.net, there are lots of web scripts for all sorts of purposes, grabbing one in each language to see how they work will show you which one fits your own style best.
* required for standards compliant output for any backend.

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why java and js

by stargazerr In reply to several options

for oracle backends jaqui?? They work fine with all the others too ... ?


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by Jaqui In reply to why java and js

oracle is designed to work with them.
and I have yet to see connectivity to oracle in the other languages.

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I connect....

by ward In reply to because

I connect to Oracle all the time with VB.NET and ASP.NET. There are instructions on the Oracle web site, and the Visual Studio development tool has an Oracle connector build right in.

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by Jaqui In reply to I connect....

vb.net, an ms only scripting language, no wonder I will never see it.

asp.net, I never install asp support into my apache so I don't know it either.
[ yes, there is an asp module for apache, but if someone loves ms that much they can use iis to serve thier pages in my opinion ]

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Hmmm ...

by stargazerr In reply to because

You have a point there ... I have connected to oracle through VB.Net and ASP.Net but i really dont like them all that much (MICROSOFT) ... I am so much more in love with Java


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by Jaqui In reply to Hmmm ...

~takes mag light and holds it up to your ear..looks at wall on other side of you...~

well there is something there, only half the light is coming through. ]:)
[java is bad, very very bad, but you have to have something going for you, you hate microsoft. ]

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by stargazerr In reply to hmmmm

Why do you say that Java is Bad?? What do you have to say about Perl??

I wont even mention Microsoft ... Gosh, I think I just did ... <hangs head in shame>


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The Jury is

by Jaqui In reply to <snigger>

Out on perl, until after perl 6 is released.
though half the delays on perl 6 is guaranteeing "BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY" that everything microsoft and sun have released has not had.

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