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By trtjj ·
Our web developers insist in switching our website to ubuntu from Redhat to solve a problem they are having with the server. They are having issues with shared hosted server. Php scripts are not running due to resource issues.
They did not build the website but maintain it. I feel they are introducing more unknowns to the problem.This seems to go against the grain of what I was taught and what I know from experience.

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My knee-jerk reaction

by CharlieSpencer In reply to web development

is that if they can't manage the resources on one version of Linux, they won't be able to manage them on another one.

Indidentally, if they only maintain the site but didn't build it, as you say in the second paragraph, then they aren't 'web developers' as you called them in the first. Web hosts, maybe, but not developers.

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Doesn't sound right to me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to web development

Aside from Ubuntu being a desktop OS much more than server one, it's Apache that hosts PHP on top of the OS.

If the resources aren't being well managed under redhat, at best Ubuntu (if it actually makes a difference) would simply hide the design failure, and probably not for long...

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by trtjj In reply to web development

Thanks for the replies, They are developers who want both our development and maintenance business. we are in the midst of a web redesign. I feel they may be good as programmers but to maintain our site would require them to have someone inhouse who understands systems and networking. Both from past experiences seems to be lacking. I need to speak to upper management about this. What would be the best approach

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