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    by m307 ·

    I have a Small Business Server, with Exchange Server 2000. How do I configure my SMTP so i can view my emails via the web, when i’m home?.

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      by curlergirl ·

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      If your server is using the default configuration for SBS2000, then OWA (Outlook Web Access – the web mail component of Exchange) is already set up and properly configured on your system. Have you tried using it? Internally, you would open IE and go to http://[servername]/exchange. From a remote site, you would go to: http://[server public FQDN]/exchange. If there is no host record on any public DNS server for your Exchange server, then you would have to use: http://[serverpublicIPaddress]/exchange.

      If you have a firewall between your network and the Internet, or if you are using ISA or another proxy server, you would need to do some special configuration steps on the firewall router or proxy server. Check the Microsoft support website ( and search for an article on configuring Outlook Web Access behind a firewall or proxy server.

      Hope this helps!

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      by m307 ·

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      I tried what you suggest. Still no luck. is there a step by step guide on how to configure ISA? I tried Article 308599 in the MS KB. i get this error; SNAP-IN failed to Initialize, NAME:- Not Available- CLSID: {472 F91D1-E3F6-11D1-11D1-B#77-00A028E62F1}

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