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Web Hits From?

By BorgInva ·
I posted before an issue where IIS was crashing and got a good lead to where the problem was, resulting in that 10 concurrent limit. I did some research and used the Metaedit 2.2 to edit it to 40 on my XP SP2 PC, which is using IIS 5.1 to host my personal site. This has helped a lot, but it went down last night.

I used a web log analyzer and found that a lot of hits are coming from TechRepublic and Google. I click on the TR links and they take me to postings I have done or answers I replied to. I do not have my web link anywhere in TR, and I look and nothing on any of these postings would lead someone to my site. As for the Google links, they all take me to the main page. I tried a search on Google for keywords from my site, but I am not using metakeys or anything. My site does not come up in Google. However, these links are adding hits to my pages.

Here is an example.
Time range: 8/11/2005 00:30:48 - 8/11/2005 09:03:35_Generated on Thu Aug 11, 2005 - 10:05:07
All this is at different hours since 12a EST for the past 9h.

Here are were some hits of the top 40 are coming from.

Host Country Hits Visitors Bandwidth (KB)
1 Unknown 3 2 8
2 United States 1 1 20
3 United States 1 1 20
4 United Kingdom 1 1 20
5 United Kingdom 1 1 20
6 India 1 1 20
7 United States 1 1 20
8 United States 1 1 20
9 United States 1 1 20
10 Switzerland 1 1 20
11 Germany 2 1 12
12 Romania 1 1 0

This is where visitors are coming from.
Site Visitors
1 33
2 No Referrer 4
Total 37

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by BorgInva In reply to Web Hits From?

Top Referring URLs
URL Visitors
1 5236-1-0.html 7
2 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 39&threadID=178867 5
3 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 47&threadID=157189&start= 0&tag=search 4
4 No Referrer 4
5 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 48&threadID=176574&start= 0&tag=search 3
6 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 35&threadID=166068&start= 0&tag=search 2
7 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 47&threadID=177651&start= 0&tag=search 2
8 5208-11192-0.html?forumID= 52&threadID=175000 2
9 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 48&threadID=176651&start= 0&tag=nl.e030 1
10 5208-6239-0.html?forumID= 50&threadID=179381 1
11 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 57&threadID=177832 1
12 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 35&threadID=176466 1
13 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 35&threadID=175871 1
14 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 35&threadID=173626 1
15 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 48&threadID=174014&start= 0&tag=search 1
16 5208-11184-0.html?forumID= 39&threadID=178867&start= 0&tag=search 1
Total 37

The NO REFERER is probably me because I did test my site twice this morning.

So I do not understand how I am getting hits today from TR. My website is not listed on the site or on any postings.

Please, no virus or spyare infected answers.

Thank you for any help in figuring this out. If you need more info, please let me know.

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by bcmathis In reply to Web Hits From?

I was the one who helped you last time, this time I?m not as sure as to what is going on, but here is my 2 cents.

Entry number 1 on your list is from you local network for sure and it looks like the rest are genuine hits.

As far as the referral links are concerned, it could be that your analyzer program is showing the page that a person last came from and not a page from which a person click your link on. It could be a possibility that yourself visited and then your own website which would show the false positives and the same goes for Google if you have it set as your homepage even though I think could have been an actual search page.

Now going further with my first suggestion in the other posting while not trying to move you to Linux for your web server needs, there are other free web hosting applications that are available for windows, such as Apache (just Google free windows web servers) that will do the job and not give you a limited amount of connections. Just a thought.

Let me know if this helped you again.

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by BorgInva In reply to

Call me an idiot! After some time looking into it, I found that my icon for TR is linked to my website, therefore, every posting or reply I do. I forgot I even had the icon since I can not it myself from within my network (I can not see my site via the external http from home, know what I mean?).
Call me an idiot!
You get the points for replying anyway.

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by BorgInva In reply to Web Hits From?

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