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    Web Installation of Norton Anitivirus


    by sgoss ·

    Has anyone setup Norton Antivirus to be able to install it from a web browser? I have followed Symantec’s instructions, but I still get error messages. I can not find a solution through them. Right now I get the error message:

    Error downloading http://#servername#/#virtualfolder#/FILES_NT.INI. Terminating file download process. Please report this to your system administrator.

    Have anybody else seen this? or has anyone successfully got web install to work for Norton Antivirus? If so can you share the way you got it to work?


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      Reply To: Web Installation of Norton Anitivirus

      by darinr ·

      In reply to Web Installation of Norton Anitivirus

      Yes I have succesfully used the web installation of norton corporate antivirus product NAV corporate- it took a few tries and several discussions with Symantec to get my distribution server to work

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