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Web Interface for Project 2000, ASP ,COM

By epadmanaban ·

I want to integrate Project 2000 with ASP, SQL Server and COM Object

Here is my situation, We have Project 2000 files are stored in SQL Server 2000. I created COM object, which open the Project 2000 file, get information from that and return Array list. It is working fine in Visual Basic. I called this COM Object through Visual Basic or VB Script (VBS); it is working fine and returning fine. But it is not working while I am calling same function in ASP. I believe it might be Security issue, but I don?t know how to solve it. If any one aware of this please advice me what I have to do, I will be very very great help for me.

I gave full access to every one in SQL Server for that particular Database, but I don?t know about IIS Server. We are not allowing guest user in our site (this is company policy and security setup), next we are using this application only Intranet (No Internet, we can get user ID, when they called from their machine/login)

One more thing, when I open Project file from Database, it is always request the Project 2000 application (EXE) must be opened. Is there any way we can avoid this?

For ASP purpose I open MS Project application opened in server itself, eventhough, it is not working

I am getting ?Application Error, path not found? and Server object, ASP 0177 (0x80004005)
Unspecified error

It is happening at the time of calling COM Objects method, Not at the time of CreateObject time

If any one gives any suggestion, it is very very great, to resolve my problem

Thanks in advance

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Web Interface for Project 2000, ASP ,COM

by AlterEgo2 In reply to Web Interface for Project ...

1)Project 2000 must be open
It depends on the binding method (early or late)

Set oAppName = New AppName.Application
If Not AppName Is Nothing Then
'Do stuff
'Open the Application and do stuff
As you can see - I've checked that the application is running and if it isn't then I'll open it and carry on.

2)Cannot access COM object from ASP. You mention security - are you using a COM layer and MTS to manage the Component orare you running W2K server? Can you send the ASP code that you are using to call the COM object.

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