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Web page not display

By ooladiti ·
I have this problem of connecting to our ISP web page .I suscribe to isp through dial up connection. each time i initialize a connection the system faled to show any web page mean can not connect to internet.
I checked the modem connection and installation these were okay,talk with the technical representative of the ISP to solve the problem no show . i run windows 2000 professional on the pc.
can somebody tell what is responsible for this problem of connecting to net.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Web page not display

When you make a connection, you usually, get an ip address, gateway, dns addresses, you can check this using IPCONFIG. Once that is established you can test web connection by using nslookup
<details of dns server>
>, ...
> exit

Also, check you IE settings, make sure that the security settings are not too high. Also check for spyware, adware that may affect IE using anti-spyware software.

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by alert.bnt In reply to Web page not display

Do you use Norton Antivirus 2004? If you are using it, just remove and try again.

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by ooladiti In reply to

I tried other web sites all to avail, checked the connection it was okay.
still no show.

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by OTL In reply to Web page not display

Tried going to some other web sites ? If they open something on your PC is blocking ISP's web site.

Is dialup connection loaded to IE ? (tools -> internet options -> connections) IE will not hook up if it does not know how.

Does not mean you are not connected to the net. After dialing in, go to command prompt and check your IP address by typing in "IPCONFIG". If you have an IP address and a server address, you are connected to the Web. Your browser/firewall settings are too high or not configured to run the scripts at the website.

Another problem I have seen (on dial-up) is if you have windows setup to automatically update, this will take up so much bandwidth that no other traffic can go through. (add in automatic updates for firewall/anti-virus/office/works and you will be waiting days for these to complete)

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by ooladiti In reply to

I could only ping others clients and gateway router sucessively still i can browse.

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by malkeetdxb In reply to Web page not display

If you are connecting through dial up,
you should get one dynamic IP, once the
connection is established between your
Computer and ISP server.
You should be able to ping to internet,
using ping utility, (ping &
get reply. If the reply is recieved then
probably, the browser proxy settings are
to be configured. Make sure you specify
the proxy and port number in the proxy
server in browser.

Please check & reply


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by OTL In reply to Web page not display

From the indication/answers your firewall program is blocking IE or IE is blocking web sites. Depends on timeout to the error message (immediate = IE, 5-20 sec. firewall)

I did this by blocking * and could not get to TECHREPUBLIC.

If you answered yes to block all cookies from a web site in IE basically will block the web site, by accident could you have blocked you ISP ? Or set IE to high internet security level ? Not enabled JAVA ?

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