Web program on the network? Bottleneck?

By jfuller05 ·
The question is kind of vague, but I couldn't think of a good question for my problem. Basically, I think there is a bottleneck on the network, but I can't locate it, mostly because I don't understand why we could have a bottleneck. Let me explain.


Our HR department is now using Aflac for insurance and Aflac has a "Aflac at work" function on their website for HR departments to put in a new employee using Aflac or to remove a employee from Aflac. So, I guess this would be a cloud service? Well, this started two months ago (using Aflac at work). HR called me and told me the problem. She could login to Aflac at Work, but when she clicked on a employee from the drop down box to access that employee's information a "waiting" pop-up appeared on the screen (a hour-glass) that rotated for a bout 4 or 5 minutes. After that long, you know something is up. Well, she was using IE 8, so I clicked on compatibility view and then the website worked.

Two months have gone by, no problems, then yesterday HR calls me and tells me she is having the same problem again. I was off-site in the middle of another problem, told her to wait a little bit. While she was waiting for me to arrive, she contacted Aflac, told them the problem and such. She could login remotely to their network and use the website no problem. Then they logged in remotely to her computer (web service) and could use Aflac at Work, no problem. Then, when she tried to use Aflac at Work on her computer it wouldn't work. When I arrive at her office, they told me what they did and when I asked her to login to Aflac at Work and try to use it, it works. We laugh and then I go to my office to try and figure this problem out. Not long after, HR calls me and tells me that the it's not operational anymore - all she has is the hour-glass rotating. That was right before it was time for us to go home. When I get to my office this morning, I login to Aflac at Work and the site is working fine. What could this problem be?
I forgot to mention that I could use the Aflac at Work service on our server even when our client computers would only see the hour-glass.

Here's what I've narrowed down.

-Since it's a cloud service (we are accessing our Aflac Records on Aflac's data sever through their website) could it be a bandwidth issue on our network?

-All of our computers have the latest updates (Windows, flash, java, etc.) so there is no issue there.

-This is the only web service that gives us this intermittent problem. However, like I said earlier, the web service was usable on our server even when client computers couldn't use the service.

- Logging in to Aflac at Work is not a problem. Only when we try to bring up user data does it become unusable, i.e., hangs/starts to time out/hour-glass rotating.

- Worked for two months now all of a sudden a problem. I haven't added anything new to the network. No hardware changes or software changes. No new rules in the firewall or anything else.

-Aflac has told us that they haven't had this kind of problem before. Nice.

-Booted client's computer into safe mode with networking and the Aflac at Work database still would not work - rotating hourglass.

- The rotating hour-glass is not the Windows hourglass, it's a hourglass that pops up with a caption underneath that reads: "processing" When working optimally, you don't ever see the hourglass.

Windows Server 2008 R2 network, Windows 7 client computers. DSL internet. Sonicwall hardware firewall. Right now, I'm working on identifying any bandwidth hogs. Our network is quite naked actually. We share Springbrook software, accounting software. The way it works is it's installed on a server and then clients access the software by having a mapped drive onto the server. Place a shortcut on their desktop and they are able to access the software as if it was installed on their computer. That is a webservice too. If internet is down then Springbrook isn't functional. However, like I said earlier, Aflac at Work was working fine along with Springbrook, for two months.

Any ideas?

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Is the person in question accessing this website in realtime?...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Web program on the networ ...

I:E, by passing the server.
Or throught the server itself.
If it is through the server, could it be that the servers hdd is going bad that could be slowing the service down. Since you could access the service fine when the person was having trouble it seems to be at their servers side that could be slowing it down.

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Yes realtime.

by jfuller05 In reply to Web program on the networ ...

When the client logs in to the website: Aflac at Work, she is accessing our records on Aflac's server(s) via the web. The client isn't accessing anything on our network except for the internet. Our servers are connected to the main switch which is connected to our gateway/firewall. I can login to our servers and use the Aflac at Work service just fine, so that makes me think that the problem is somewhere between our workstations and the main switch. However, the client could use the Aflac at Work service just fine for two months! Now, out of nowhere, it's not working properly. Nothing has changed in our network during that time. I'm at a loss. Today, we've been able to use the Aflac at Work service at intermittent times. We've called Aflac support, but they claim the problem is on our end.

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