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    Web Proxy fails due to port 1080 in use


    by eric.stroo ·

    Recently a problem has surfaced at some of our customers, all of which are running SBS 4.5. When the server is restarted, sometimes the Web Proxy fails to start. In the System Event log ID 127 is mentioned: The Web Proxy Failed to Initialize.

    After doing some testing I found that the problem is caused by the failure of the Socks Proxy starting up, because port 1080 is already in use. My current ?solution? to the problem is to stop the NT-service using port 1080, (successfully) starting the Web Proxy and finally starting the previously stopped NT-service again.

    Unfortunately, I?ve found that there is no telling which service is blocking port 1080, this seems to change every time. So I just stop several services and try to start the Web Proxy. If this approach is unsuccessful, I just try some more services until I?ve found the right one.

    The only similarity between all customers (besides the OS), is that they all have recently installed or upgraded their McAfee NetShield and GroupShield Exchange. However, I have been unable to find a direct link between those applications and a mapping to port 1080.

    Since I am currently out of ideas where to find a real solution (I?ve tried Technet and various knowledgebases), I hope someone can help me out.

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      Web Proxy fails due to port 1080 in use

      by mikel~t ·

      In reply to Web Proxy fails due to port 1080 in use

      I’d recommend assigning the Socks
      Service a differnet port. It isn’t set in stone
      that you need to use port 1080 if I
      remember corectly.

      make it port 1090, and see if this resolves
      the problem.


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