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Web Proxy/Socks Proxy

By ian ·
When I reboot a WinNT SBS4.5 server the Web Proxy/Socks Proxy/and all other services within the Proxy MMC fail to start.
They fire right up when I right-click and choose 'start', but I want then to start automatically.
I checked the "Services" in the Control Panel and the only thing that looked like it might help was making the WWW Publishing Service "Automatic" ( I tried a manual start on this but it did not start the Proxy services).
All other Proxy related services are "Started Automatic"??

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same problem

by f.cesari In reply to Web Proxy/Socks Proxy


I have the same problem with NT4SP6a, Exchange 5.5SP4, IIS4.0 and Proxy 2.0 SP1.


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by ian In reply to same problem

After a reboot the Web Proxy and Internet Proxy services were both operational.
I assume that setting the WWW Publishing Service to Automatic (in Control Panel, Services) fixed this ??

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web proxy /winsock problem in SBServer

by hayoubee In reply to Web Proxy/Socks Proxy

I have the same problem,when I tried to start the services (web proxy and winSock Proxy) I got this notification r watson ,,Application error log,,Inetinfo.exe,,Access violation...I reinstalled IIS and the Proxy but did't help
I'm still looking for solution..

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have a lok at this

by IT Admin In reply to web proxy /winsock proble ...

hi, please do go this site and then please tell if it helped

Regards and good luck

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I am having the same problem, help!

by touk In reply to have a lok at this

I have the same problem, but this time all the proxy service would come up on the second bootup. Once up, the proxy services would run for awhile then stop. I have to restart them almost every 8-10 minuites. I need help. I appreciate any help you can give me.

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I also have this problem

by Supertechie In reply to I am having the same prob ...

I also have this problem with 2 customers i support. SBS 4.5, the proxy services stop every 8-10 minutes, and sometimes go longer without failure. Applying proxy service pack 1, NT SP6a, and the latest security hotfix has lessened the incidence, butnot cured the problem. Anyone with a successful fix, PLEASE let me know!

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Can you help me??

by IT Admin In reply to web proxy /winsock proble ...

I have got a problem I have got to enable ftp trough socks but cant get it working can you give the settings for the socks like the range of ports and etc etc?

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Problem with Proxy starting on reboot

by rjbenson In reply to Can you help me??

We've had similar problems with our SBS 4.5 system in the past.

If you look in the SBS newsgroup (microsoft.public.backoffice.smallbiz) though no one knows the reasons for it you'll see that it is pretty common and the one solution is to make sure that during a reboot you do not let anyone access the server until all services are started, this usually will result in the Proxy starting correctly.


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Proxy problem,mmc

by hayoubee In reply to Problem with Proxy starti ...

In the last 6 monthes I really sufferd from the Proxy and IIS and MMC,In all the cases you have to unstall manually the Proxy very very well than reinstall...this wat can I tell you .

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