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I'm running Windows Media Center Edition 2002 SP2. I want to use Web Remote Desktop. Are there straightforward instructions as to how to accomplish this? I have a Linksys WRT150N Router. ANY assistance in the matter is most appreciated; I've spent several man-weeks trying to get the job done. THANK YOU

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MS's pages have been no help...

by recipesfor In reply to Link...

Been there, tried all of them; I can't find the problem. I've set it up (RD) and run it on the same network, but can't get it to run on the web. One would think there would be a step-by-step instruction book as to how to do these things... not to be. Thanks for trying.

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It's worked for me in the past

by tonylewis In reply to MS's pages have been no h ...

If it works on your local network, but not from the Web, then it's either your firewall or, if you're confident you've forwarded ports 3389 and ports 80 correctly, your ISP may be blocking Port 80. Many ISP's block port 80 because they don't want people running their own webservers. You can try using the remote desktop client (it only uses port 3389) from the internet. If that works, then I'd definitely say you've setup your firewall correctly and it's your ISP blocking incoming port 80 (you can also call your ISP to find out). You can try changing to a port above 1024 (like 8080), then try that by typing from the i-net your address with the port number appended (ie:

Let us know how it turns out.



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no longer works at all...

by recipesfor In reply to It's worked for me in the ...

I can no longer use RD at all; I'm sure I've done something wrong but there's nothing obvious about it. I keep going over the checklist provided herein and by MS; I've found nothing askew other than I can't sign in. I wonder if I've accidentally changed a name or a password... hmmm. Thanks for the advice otherwise... I'll keep it in mind.

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