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    Web Server


    by akufayerem.i.nwede ·

    I have a web server (Windows Server 2003 Web Edition w/ IIS) that I would like to be a dedicated web host. I also have the domain name and its ip address. However, when I try to set access the site, it comes up with the “Page Cannot Be Displayed” page. The domain name used to be hosted on a commercial web host. However, I ended all web hosting services except for e-mail. I think that the e-mail services may be conflicting with my ability to host the web site from my personal web server. Can someone please confirm or refute my claim?

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      by toivo talikka ·

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      Go to and check your domain A records and make sure they point to the right external IP address, i.e. the firewall/router of your LAN.

      Check if you can access http://{my external ip address} from outside your LAN. If not, you most likely have a port forwarding problem.

      Check the port forwarding in your firewall router. You need to forward port 80 to the internal IP address of your web server. You do have a firewall, don’t you?

      Your web server may need to have the domain name set up and linked to the virtual server and document root directory from where the pages will be served as a response to requests to a particular domain or IP address.

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      by akufayerem.i.nwede ·

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