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Web site for type of software Lisence

By CSSathish ·
If one would like to know whether a software is a licensed version/free ware/ open software, is there any website containing information of all software lisences information. because some softwares, it is difficult to identify the type of software license. requesting to help



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In short: No. Here's why...

by TobiF In reply to Web site for type of soft ...

A software license is a contract between the owner of the software and a user regarding on what terms the software can be used.

Different vendors have different ways of enforcing compliance with the license terms, ranging from no control whatsoever to online verification of hardware keys every single time the software is used.

Nothing would stop a vendor from setting up totally different terms for each and every customer. (This would be a nightmare to administrate, but still fully possible)

I can't see that any one single website (not even Google) would be trusted by all software vendors and users to register all license agreements in the world.

So, if you want to know about the license terms a certain software vendor has, you first stop would be to check directly with the company in question. And be prepared that they may first ask you in which country you're located and who you are (private, home-office, small-to-medium enterprise, large corporation etc.) in order to pick what kind of agreement they'd offer you.

Oh, one more thing, in many countries, the local law may invalidate some of the nastiest clauses you may find in a license agreement. (For instance, not all countries accept tjat unwrapping the box binds you to terms that you could only read once the box is opened).

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Then the Software Vendor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to In short: No. Here's why. ...

May ask if you have a OEM, Retail or Volume License Product.

The different versions of the same thing all have different License Agreements.

For instance OEM is generally tied to the Original Hardware that it was installed on while Retail is tied to however many computers it's allowed to be installed on and Volume License isn't tied to any Hardware at all but to the company who purchased it. So that company can decommission computers and still use that software on replacement systems.


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