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Web Site in IIS

By william.chen ·
Hi, I have created Web site in our Window Server 2003 with IIS. I can use the static IP as "http://static IP address" and go to the index.htm. Is any way to type alias name and link to static address as "http://alias name". We don't use Active Directory or Domain. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this as soon as you can.

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by Garret` In reply to Web Site in IIS

I think this is the Host Header value. If you made the site with the Web Site Creation Wizard it will ask you for the IP address, the TCP Port, and a Host Header.

You can go back and change this by opening IIS in the MMC and then go to the poroperties of the site. Click on the Web Site tab and then click on Advanced. Edit your website and add a Header value. eg "CompanyIntranet"

I haven't done this myself, so I don't really know if this is the solution.

As a side note: From what I can see it looks like you can have multiple names for your site. Enter, or something similar, and direct the page to a warning about your internet policy, just to annoy your staff

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by lowlands In reply to Web Site in IIS

The easiest way to do that is to use DNS. You can assign whatever alias you wish to your websites IP. If you don't use DNS the only other way is to create an entry in the LMHOSTS file of all your workstations.

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by lee.killner In reply to Web Site in IIS

Both of the answers already posted are correct. Using DNS to point a name to the site will make it easier for users to access.

However, if you host multiple sites on the same web server (with only one network card) you will need to specify an individual port number (e.g. Unfortunately, this means that your users will need to know which port number to use.

The alternative is to use host headers to enter each website name (e.g., etc). Doing this will allow all websites to listen on the default port (port 80) and ensure that IIS knows which website to respond to the request with.

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