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Web Site Statistics

By tptbusines_98 ·

As I design and build my web site, I'd like to know if there is a way to monitor the web site statistics of future web sites I'd like to link to. This will help me in determining the sites value or the value of the site, after I link to it.

Let me know...

Thank you,

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Register Your Website in Google Analytics

by krajaduraik In reply to Web Site Statistics

You can regiseter your domain in google anlaytics.It is free tool to evaluating your website analytics.The registration steps as follows:-
1. Register your domain in google analytics
2. They will give small code snippet in js.
3. You have to embed this code into your site pages.
4. It will take maximum of 48hrs to get activate.
5. You have to login the google analytics with username and password.

If you have any queries,please contact me through mail.


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Web Site Statistics

by tptbusines_98 In reply to Register Your Website in ...

"Thank You" for the information, but if you reread my request/question, you'll see I'm trying to find inforation on sites I plan to link to.

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there are sites

by Dr Dij In reply to Web Site Statistics

that have emailed me telling me they have 'stats' on my site. I've visited them and they do have guesses about total traffic.

You might consult these type of sites.
They typically give you a small amount free so they can sell you analysis services. That amount is all you could get about someone else's site without their logs / permissions.

I find the 3 big stats packages for unix systems - analog, awstats, and another tend to be wrong. This is because they include bots, only excluding them when the bots identify themselves, which much of the time they don't. I exclude them based on behavior, robot traps, etc.

Because of this I have my own script processing the raw logs and writing two database tables, one for robots, one for 'real users'. These separated raw tables now indexed can be processed, sorted in various ways. Of course you can't do this for a site you link to.

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Web Site Statistics

by tptbusines_98 In reply to there are sites

So, there is no "real" way to monitor other web sites traffic w/o access to their logs???

Thank you,

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