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    by michael34 ·


    What is a very good program that we could use to make a web template? Our company is just starting out and currently we are using MS Front Page, but I am really no fan of it, as its got lots of limitations, and we need a really awsome page, thus we need a program that can help us make a good site template.

    Any advice is appriciated.

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      by dklippert ·

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      Here are some resources

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      by oz_media ·

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      I’d recommend Dreamweaver. The costs are minimal and you can get a bundle with Dreamweaver, FLASH, Fireworks and Freehand all in one box for a great price.

      Macromedia (Dreamweaver creator) also created FLASH so their site tools, online forums and templates are second to none and worktogether seamlessly.

      I have used MANY site builders, my best friend was an engineer for the ever popular EC Builder, that’s what I started with and found that Dreamweaver offers the power and stability one would expect from a web program.

      Front Page is a sleeper, but it’s Microsnot so everyone has it.

      Worth EVERY penny and many more.

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      by mark ·

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      I’m with Answer 2. Dreamweaver is the best solution. Front Page is crap and has poor support. You can download Dreamweaver for 30 days to try it out before you buy it. It seems a bit complicated at first, but anything that does alot will. Hang in there and you’ll be blowing out fancy web pages in no time.

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      by winteromeo ·

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      I would sugest you read up some basic information before using dreamweaver. that way, you won’t be stumbling through trial and error. Dreamweaver got alot of functionalities and features that is useful for creating dynamic web pages as compared to Frontpage.

      May be you would like to try out NetObject Fusion. It’s a more user-friendly tools that has drag-n-droop functions, much more easier to use than Dreamweaver.

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      by gpaz ·

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      All those suggestions are good, there are tons of tools that you can use, the only problem is that when you come a cross some features you dont understand then you have to study a little. I use ms front page, what i like from it is that even though it limits you, it can duplicat sertain htm code, if you know htm code and java script you can implement all must any thing on ms front page. the page i am working on contains micromedia flash player, java script, and tons of cool stof. I like it cause is faster but i really love my htm and java coding, must of my pages exept this last one are made in htm through note pad. take a look at one of my htm profiles. even implemented a chat room. did not writte the code my self but i had some help.

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      by flux78 ·

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      I also agree with using Dreamweaver. I have been using it for the past few years. I have used FP before but found that it lacked what I needed. To be honest, I asked a question similar to yours, and a friend told me to check out Dreamweaver. Since then I never touched FP again. Also since you are looking at creating a very good site, try using Flash and Fireworks. Since all three programs are made by the same company, they will work hand in hand with each other. good luck

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