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Web tools blaze trail to the past

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
While Microsoft and other industry giants continue to devise new systems for delivering desktop-like applications over the Internet, Google uses older technology to build its newest applications, such as Google Maps and Gmail. This has prompted developers to reexamine technologies that have been around since the 1990s, such as JavaScript and Dynamic HTML.

Read this story from News.com:

Then, tell us what you think about this renewed interest in older technologies.

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Let's hope it becomes a trend

by stress junkie In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

I have, for as long as I can remember, been SICK TO DEATH of seeing some new network "protocol" created for every stupid little thing that anyone wants to do over a network. One of the things that I liked best about creating software was figuring out how to accomplish the goal using the limited set of tools avaiable in the programming language and the platform that the software would run on.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

by JohnOfStony In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

Why the endless drive for 'new technology' (in all aspects of computing)? Why not work on an existing system until it's solidly reliable? Every time a new operating system (or version) is released, it is guaranteed that there will be new bugs not present in the software it's designed to replace. Moreover, in the case of Microsoft, the look and feel and even the terminology keeps changing. Why? If an international law was passed making it obligatory for operating systems to reside in ROM in a PC (i.e. the O.S. couldn't be updated without physically opening the PC and changing the ROM chip(s)), the creator of the O.S. would have to get it right before release, purely on economic grounds. Carry on Google!

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And certainly don't upgrade

by Peter_es_uk In reply to If it ain't broke, don't ...

Some of lifes developments are really good but 'upgrades' based more on the need to keep an industry giant's balance sheet looking good frequently are not.

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Kudos to Google

by gavin In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

Google has gone ahead and perfected the slim architecture of the web app and definitely makes me, coming from a systems background, believe that it's their number one reason for their success. There's a lot that can be said about simplicity. Google says it with their Quarterly profits reports.

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Good on them

by BHunsinger In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

Funny how when it is not done my someone for money the words 'stitch, force, kludge' are used to define an improvement. So google lead the way and helpped show other what can be done, without buying somone elses kludge. Great

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About Time

by Not Again In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

Good for Google. I, too, am tired of the deluge of "newer and better" stuff. Add the increasing number of markup languages to that as well.

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hey, I've been

by Jaqui In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

advocating getting rid of clientside scripting and all these other bells and whistles for a long time.
with server side techniques, specially with xml/xhtml you don't need to steal processing from site visitors to do these fancy tricks.

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So you're against the Google approach, then?

by sbockelman In reply to hey, I've been

Not sure you made your position clear. Are you saying, ditch the JScript/DHTML solutions for something else? Or are you saying you like what Google is doing with JScript/DHTML?

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I'm saying

by Jaqui In reply to So you're against the Goo ...

they should use server side code.

clientside is theft of computer services under laws passed in support of distributed computing for .net framework.
so any clientside code means pay client ( site visitor ) for cpu usage.

javascript/dhtml is not good in that respect.

xml/xhtml is server side work.

aww no clientside no fancy aniated meues.
that's okay, they aren't needed anyway.

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Why waste so much time on new technology all the time?

by iver In reply to Web tools blaze trail to ...

Although significant develompments are made from time to time, I feel that the value of really knowing your language and tools in most cases outweigh the advantages of implementing new stuff by far. You end up spending so much time just getting to know yet another technonogy or language and that time could in most cases be better spent on doing actual development. It should at least be several years between every time you have to start from scratch with a new technology! Don't let the big companies trick you into thinking otherwise. They just want to make money on new products.

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