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webcam problem pls answer

By magnifecent_1987 ·
i jsut wanna ask wat this it mean
when evetytime i used my camm it always appear and it hard to access to other friend cuase it always gotdisconected pls help me out her guy

thanks wish u luck

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by G... In reply to webcam problem pls answer

Is you problem like a commercial on startup?
Then check for spyware, adware and the like...

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by G... In reply to
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by G... In reply to

Are you using yahoo messenger? You may want to try another messenger then...

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by dawgit In reply to webcam problem pls answer

We need a little help here to help you. How are you networking with the other party? Over what service? Are both ends equal? (as in; both DSL or other Broad-band, or both ISDN, or dial-ups) What are you using for a Cam? Did it come aith soft ware? Does it funtion properly locally? (you did test it somehow locally before you tried long distance, yes?) Is this an over-seas conection? -Or- where are you? (yes that can make a difference)

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by dawgit In reply to

You also didn't mention your OS. If your useing WinXP, and Yahoo Messenger, Then try this: 1) Open your Yahoo Messenger, 2) left click on 'Messenger', 3) Scroll down to 'Preferences' and left click to open a new box, 4) Go down to 'Connections' and click that, 5) There you will see a selection of connection types at the top, 6) Pick: 'No Proxies' (if you have with 'Firewall' checked your CAM will NOT work) 7) Click 'Apply' and 'Ok' and it should work. This will not affect your Windows fire wall, only how the Yahoo Messenger see's it's way through.

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