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    Webcam video dark and red (White Shark Cyclops)


    by praetorperegrinus


    I bought a White Shark Cyclops webcam recently, and while the video is sharp and good in that respect, it is very dark and red-hued. The room where I’m sitting isn’t perfectly lit, but the light is quite decent for the human eye. However, on the camera, it looks like I’m sitting in a horror movie set, which isn’t perfect for my lectures. 馃檪

    Sometimes, when I move a little closer, it gets brighter, as if someone suddenly raised the exposure, and then it’s acceptable (though no perfect and still reddish), but it doesn’t always happen when I sit closer and I don’t know how to trigger it predictably. The camera itself (recommended by the salesman in the shop when I went to purchase a webcam) doesn’t come with any software, and I haven’t found anything on their website, either. The software I mostly use for my work communication is Webex Meetings, which, unfortunately, has very limited video settings options, so I can’t do anything through its own settings. I’m running Windows 10.

    Any ideas what I could do?

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