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We're a public sector agency and yesteday we received a mandate from the state capitol to start webcasting our meetings that are open to the public.

We're assuming that we only have to provide an audio feed and perhaps the PowerPoint slides that accompany the meeting.

Where do we get started on this? I'm already assuming an audio conferencing system (microphones, mixer, compressor/limiter, etc...). But need to find a way to send out an audio stream over our T1 line without taxing our bandwidth and providing a webcast that has good presentation quality for both audio, PowerPoint slides, and for future considerations although we're not required at this time - streaming video.

Typically our board meetings have 13 commisioners present, our executive director, a presenter at the front of the room, and thinking a mic/podium for someone with a question. So we're looking at upwards of 16 microphones tops.

Also some meetings are offsite and may have to be recorded for broadcast afterwards as those sites may not have internet access, sufficient bandwidth, and/or firewall issues.

I've seen meeting rooms with setups for audio/video conferencing, but never really had an opportunity to dive into the nuts and bolts of setting this up nor have we had to go into the realm of webcasting before.


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