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By rikard.esben ·
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So I came across this website which has a unusual design for clickable blocks and I wonder how they did it. I'm talking about the space between the boxes, which makes it look like its floating with the backgrund images.

I wonder if any of you know how they did it, because I might consider do something similar.

The website i'm talking about:

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by tamil1996 In reply to Webdesign - Blocks with s ...

May be it is based on the template

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Thank you for the reply

by rikard.esben In reply to Webdesign

Thank you for the reply. I think I figure it out. It might, as you are saying, be a part of the actual theme itself. First I thought it was regular margin like this site:, and many other sites. I do think it might has to do with empty <div> tags which is coded the same size as the ones with pictures in it.

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by zackelles In reply to Thank you for the reply

At first glance, it looks like it was done with bootstrap. You can use CSS opacity property to make elements opaque/transparent so a background image can be seen behind the element. A nice page btw, I like the idea.

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by John Cater In reply to Maybe

yeah i agree with that and also liked this idea

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