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Webify Java with Apache SOAP

By debate ·
Tell us what you think about using the Apache SOAP implementation to deliver Java classes via the Web.

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Deployment not that Simple with SOAP

by peter In reply to Webify Java with Apache S ...

While it is true that the server-side is pretty straightforward, and even writing a client isn't too bad, deploying SOAP applications is anything but simple.

Even writing your own bean serializers is not that hard. What is difficult is getting your code deployed into the vendor's SOAP server. The Apache SOAP server is very simple and easy to use, but you will probably wind up with some large vendor (eg, Websphere) whose SOAP implementation is questionable. You need to really understand how the deployment descriptors work, what they are for, and what customizations you need to make. You also need to know how to deploy your service into the vendor's app. or web server.

It is not as simple as it sounds. Vendors really need to make toolsthat make deployment as easy as it is to write the code.

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