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Webmail conflict???

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I have a particular issue that only happens when I have visitors from my parent company on our LAN?

I have a user that accesses his mail via webmail ? his account is hosted by our parent company. The rest of us use MS Outlook at our workstations? which retrieves mail from our local email server that works as the gateway to the Internet (all this within our internal LAN), it (our gateway server) retrieves POP3 mail from a local ISP.

The conflict occurs when a visitor from our parent company arrives, uses one of our workstations to access his webmail (Yes, both have their accounts with our parent company). It is at that point that one of them (Our local user of webmail or our visitor) ? will receive a dump off messages intended for the other recipient.

Issue seems to be that it only happens at my site? I needed to verify if there is an issue with my LAN or is it with my parent company?

Note: Our parent company uses MS Exchange and remote users use the MS Webmail via Internet Explorer.

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