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Webmail server software

By shooman332 ·
I'm looking for a webmail program. I work in a Windows 2000 environment. A subsidiary of our company with 150 users and growing needs only webmail, no calendaring or public folders, just mail and an address book. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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by Stealthy In reply to Webmail server software

Easiest solution is to run a linux or bsd server.
Then you can have your own mta & imap server running

Since you mentioned that you are in win2k environment, in the case your only easy(depends on your computer skills) solution is to run apache server for windows, and then run something like squirrelmail or horde on top.
Apache is basically to run the php code(both squirrelmail & horde use php)
configuring squirrelmail/horde requires little knowledge of various things, including php.

In my experience configuring squirrelmail is very easy but in turn its little slower than horde.

Horde is great solution provided you can configure it.

Besides that, both of these programs can run calendars and various other goodies too.

On the other side, I haven't ran either of these two programs on windows so can't guarantee, but its worth a try.(if you have an imap server running somewhere then, I think you won't have much of a problem.)

hope this helps

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Webmail server software

by usmany In reply to Webmail server software

Did you ever try using or visiting or if not, try their product could help you solve yoour problem.


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Mercury Mail

by Todd Huria In reply to Webmail server software

We are using Mercury Mail which is freeware from it also comes with an email client Pegasus mail it is easy to use and supports various protocols. It also has a spam filter and mail rules which can be configured.

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You could implement squirrel mail on win2k/nt

by compseller007 In reply to Webmail server software

My dear friend,you can implement squirrelmail with php,apache,QKsmtp and courier-imap support.It can support large number of users and also have advanced admin options.Squirrelmail is platform independent.

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