Webpage going to Connect to all websites

By dng2003m ·

I need some advice, having a Aztech ADSL Wireless Router.

Problem is that one notebook can get connected and running normally. The second notebook however is

1. unable to connect via wireless as it can't detect the wireless
2. Skype messenger logs on but not MSN
3. Webpage keeps going to Connect for all webpages

Is this a setting or DNS resolution problem? Or does it requires a Router reset or reboot?

Thanks in advance

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Did you resolve the problem?

by jas In reply to Webpage going to Connect ...

A fellow Malaysian having the same problem and at a complete loss. can you provide any help? terima kasih

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Router may not be the problem..

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Webpage going to Connect ...

You say one notebook can get connected and runs this notebook connected Wirelessly? or Hardwired in?

If the PC that is running normally...has a wireless adapter..try running it with that...and see if the Wireless Local Area Network is working...and vice versa if you are using Wireless now, try a hardwire...lets validate that the router is not the problem

Once we do that, we can begin to work on your PC...but logic stands to rest, if one PC works perfectly, and one does not...then the problem may lie with the PC..

I would try those steps, and post back here...let me know if the router is working...also have you tried updating your Firmware? aka Router Drivers? Try that ONLY after we have established the router is the problem.

Hope this gives you some direction, keep me posted.

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