Websense blocks TechRepublic Videos

By Tink56 ·
We use Websense in our organization. I manage it. We "allow" streaming video. Not a problem. However when I go to any of the TechRepublic videos it will not allow me to view them. They are "whited out." Someone told me it was because they are hosted on a "gaming" server. Websense does block the category "games" so that might be the reason. Someone said the URL source for the TechRepublic site these are hosted on can be found in the HTML coding of the site but I have no idea how to find it. If I had the URL I could put that in Websense as an exception. Has anyone else run into this problem and will what I described work?

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by shasca In reply to Websense blocks TechRepub ...

Are you talking about view/source on the pages that contain video content?

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Yes, that's it. But...

by Tink56 In reply to guessing

Yes, that's it. If I click on the "Videos" tab on this site I see a page with text but where the video would be imbeded there is just blue space. I can see thumbnails of the other videos but if I click on them I see blank space.

On the Videos page if I click View|Source I get notepad with all the coding. I can see a URL with the word "gamespot" within it. I'm wondering if this is what is blocking me. However, I'm not sure what URL to enter in Websense to allow all videos to be viewed.

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I think....

by ---TK--- In reply to Yes, that's it. But...

this might be it, after searching through all the source... = '

added: I need to read the entire post... arg... I would think you would just need to add to the exception list, or add /* I have never dealt with that program so this would be purely speculation...

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It works!

by Tink56 In reply to I think....

That did it! was coming up "games" which is blocked by Websense.

I went into the Websense Manager Filter Components | Edit Categories. I added that site in my User-Defined category and applied the change. Now when I go to any of the TechRepublic videos they come up for viewing.


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Try this

by AV . In reply to Websense blocks TechRepub ...

Putting the URL in as an exception will work in Websense, but the exception has to be put into the correct category or it won't work.

I haven't used Websense in a couple of years, but if you're not sure of the URL, I believe you can run a report in Websense that will show the URL you visited and what category it considers that site to be.

Hope this helps.


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