Websense Break Through

By itnetwork ·
i have a problem concerning the see, my liscence is for 25 users and on my work station i have only 23 users...
The problem i am facing is,users who do no have any access over the internet,who's ips are not to be found neither on websense nor ISA server, are having updates that i have allready cancelled are reaching the websense and it stop them. what happens is, i have over 60 to 70 users in my workstation, and websense is stopiing 23, so other who does have the internet access are breaching everything because it gives me -level exceeded-
Please do not tell me to have a bigger liscense because the problem is not in it, but why users who do not have any internet access what so ever, they ips are yet found in the websense reporter
thank you !

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Sounds as if...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Websense Break Through

... Since Websense counts users and not physical addresses, you need to delete the unused users from the server which Websense is installed on. If you can't do that, you'll need to buy enough licenses to cover them all.

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