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webservice dystopia

By JustAnotherTechie ·
I develop on .NET by day and PHP/mySQL by evening/weekend and have noticed that I can only get my .NET clients to interface with the simplest of SOAP web services - anything that requires a dataset - the PHP world doesn't work the same as the .NET world.

I'm not surprised by this - but this is a dynamic world and so I was wondering if anyone has come across or developed any PHP class's that provide datasets the way that .NET wants.

It would be so nice if everyone could just get along!

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by The Admiral In reply to webservice dystopia

Errr, Ummmm. My .NET stuff does SQL and SOAP fine. In fact, I can get it to get stuff off of DB2 and mySQL. It would seem that there is a configuration problem there somewhere.

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by JustAnotherTechie In reply to

So I'm curious - can you create a web service in PHP that you can open in Visual Studio - using the WSDL to pop it right in - just like the MS IIS web services? I could use some other tools MS Provides with Visual Studio to do that - but they would only work for simple data types - datasets was not something that I could define with the php tools I had available (nusoap). I've been tempted to "fudge" it - make the dataset WSDL holder code on an IIS server - take the code and then just feed it out as needed on the php side - but then I'd be messing with the way nusoap does things - and well - I'm looking for a less "I-own-a-hammer-everything-else-is-a-nail" method of coding.

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.net &sql server

by taniaaa85 In reply to

Is there any book about .net and sql server concerning development pdas?

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by pnschofield In reply to webservice dystopia

Just create a dataset on the client end and read the XML from the web service into the dataset with the ReadXml method. Better yet, load an XSD schema describing the XML into the dataset first (using DataSet.ReadXmlSchema) so that the XML can be validated.

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yea that's cool

by JustAnotherTechie In reply to DataSet.ReadXml

yea - that's cool on the Visual Studio side - but how to write PHP to *feed* the proper kind of XML (particularly the WSDL code) so that Visual Studio will not burp and sputter - particularly with datasets...

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The real issue with the connection

by Jaqui In reply to webservice dystopia

is that .net is actually only available on MS servers.

the mono project has not got an open source version of vbscript with the needed support for the current .net framework.
[ ignoring the fact that the current .net framework itself has not been ported to any open source os, so the open source tools can't work with it ]
if you stick with .net 1.0 you would have better luck integrating the two.

personally, when MS releases the sources for both vbscript and .net, that is when I'll worry about working with them. I'll not install mono.
[ reverse engineered clone.. illegal copyright / patent violation there isn't it?

MS has started working with the Samba team to improve networking the systems together.
but until I can run asp pages on apache, with MS supplied asp, it ain't happening on my systems.

until I can use .net with apache, using MS supplied .net, with no windows system at all, it won't happen on my systems.

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