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By kashmeir63 ·
I was wondering if anyone would know the pro's and con's of my company hosting a website(in-house) or having a out source host our website. W/someone in house making the changes in either case.Any help would be appreciated.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Website

This is a case of horses for courses, how you do it depends upon what type of site.

The pros of inhouse hosting are that you don't pay for monthly hosting fees and you can also use it for Intranet activity.

But I recommend external hosting as the biggest downside is the traffic load on your Internet connection and you need to configure your gateway differently to allow general Internet access to the web site host machine and still deny access ot the rest of your network.

Naturally if you are doing e-business in that they will be using electronic forms or direct data input to your systems then you HAVE to have it internally to ensure proper security and timely handling of this information.

BTW Hire a coder and not a graphics artist. Way too many web sites are now done by graphics artists using applications that create the code for web sites in Java and thus you end up with large files to be downloaded to view the web site. My pet hate is seeing 100KB web pages of which 75KB is the same header and menu stuff all in JavaScript because the designer did NOT know how to get frames and Javascript to work together.

A good test of a web site is to see how long it takes to download via a 33.6 kbps modem (should be done in 30 seconds for a good page nor more than 60 seconds)and appears on a 14" monitor in 256 colours at 800x600. You would be surprised at how many look crap like that yet that is what many people are looking at the net with at home.

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by kashmeir63 In reply to

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by bentearne In reply to Website

I would denfintly say have anouther company host it Because then have back up servers and your garenteyed only so many hours of down time a mounth and if some thing does go wrong its not your company that has to fix it so your not one staff member down.

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by kashmeir63 In reply to

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by kashmeir63 In reply to Website

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