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    website data not updated

    by jenifer555 ·


    i have a website and google march update hit it. after that i update its content in other gmail the data of websites the content not update. what is the reason the data not updated. march update also hit my website page speed. any one help and guide me. how i can recover my site

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      by kees_b ·

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      It’s unlikely that a change in the way google indexes your site affects the speed of your website for other visitors.
      And it’s quite unclear what the role of gmail is, nor how you want to update the data on your site, nor what you mean with recovering.

      So I’m afraid that nobody can help you based on what you tell here. Better find (and pay) an experienced web developer to help you.

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      Reply To: website data not updated

      by birdmantd ·

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      Just a reminder, do not post your internet site here or it will be removed by a moderator.

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      What would you like me to assist you with?

      by khanmuhammadyt779 ·

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      It sounds like you’re facing challenges with your website’s content not updating after the Google March update, along with a decrease in page speed. Several factors could be contributing to these issues, such as caching, server configuration, or content delivery network (CDN) settings.

      First, ensure that any caching mechanisms are cleared to reflect the updated content. Additionally, review your server configuration to ensure it’s optimized for speed and performance. Consider implementing techniques like image optimization, lazy loading, and minification to improve page speed.

      For content not updating across different Gmail accounts, check if there are any permissions or synchronization issues with the accounts. Make sure that the changes are being saved and published correctly from the website’s backend.

      Recovering from the impact of the March update may take time and effort. Focus on improving the quality and relevance of your content, optimizing page speed, and following SEO best practices. Consider seeking assistance from SEO experts or web developers to help diagnose and address specific issues affecting your website’s performance.

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