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By Zepp Ledelin ·
In this day and age just how important is it to have a well designed, legible and clear website to market yourself in business?

I have been looking at a few across the globe recently for a study and have found a contrasting range of good and bad, more unfortunately leaning towards the bad.

For example have a look at the following random website picked from my study:


I do not know what the designer was thinking here but the design, use of colours and lack of navigation, in my sole opinion, is horrific.

Perhpas others like this design, fine, but to me this is not what I would expext to see from a company looking for business.

There are millions more like this out there!

Do you have an example of a badly designed website?

Note: The example used in this post was at random and in no way am I passing comment on the business or owners behind the site. This post is my own opinion and has been posted here for only to start a general discussion on website design.

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The most glaring error

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Website Design

The thing that I noticed most was that it hadn't been updated in eight months. The most brilliant design isn't going to matter if you're not keeping up the content. The worst design can be tolerated if the information is current.

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Fair Point

by Zepp Ledelin In reply to The most glaring error

Design perhaps is not as important as content. However without a good design are you going to stick around to find the updated content?

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by Jaqui In reply to Website Design

that happens to be Hal 9000's company site you know.

edit for missing 0 in Hal 9000

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by Zepp Ledelin In reply to ooppssie

Will remove Link.

OK, Done.

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by Jaqui In reply to Noted

I figured you might like to know that it's someone here's site if you didn't know before.

I had seen it before so it wasn't anything new.

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What are the chances of that?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Noted
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A serious answer now

by Jaqui In reply to Website Design

You are right, the site originally posted is seriously lacking for navigation and colour scheme.

I would add that general layout could seriously be improved also.

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Well personally

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Website Design

I've always liked pastels.

Good contrasts, simple, preferably uncluttered and above all obvious is waht I like, which is why this site drives me shat bit. There again it's designed to present adverts, not our discussions. That's just good enough to make us come back and see the link to weight loss.

One site I remember was back in the early days of flash, when I was on dial up.
The home page was a flash presentation, and the last frame popped up some buttons to get further in.

Wrong on so many fronts, it's hard to credit, but there it was....

In many cases fancy presentation has overridden basic UI design.

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by Zepp Ledelin In reply to Website Design

I will post some other examples of badly designed websites in the future only this time -(hopefully)- they will not belong to a member of the community.

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Well, if you trip over mine,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Perhaps

it's fair game.

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