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By swarnalakshimiinte ·
Hello, I am having small doubt on web development connected with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our website is developed on Word Press Platform.

1. My question is the following web site is suitable for SEO process or any changes needed?

2. Word Press platform will useful for SEO based sites?

Kindly help me to choose the correct path as soon as possible.
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by cciedumpspoto In reply to Website Development

Well, so far you need to see that whether you have met all the requirements that the Wordpress have mentioned or not and yeah, WordPress is a better way to publish your website. In case you are planning to have a career in the IT Sector, I would recommend you to have Cisco Certification.

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Website Development

by dbcomp In reply to Website Development

Yes you can use, Word Press platform will useful for SEO based sites.

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Website Development

by support1565247407 In reply to Website Development

yes, WordPress is the best platform to design a seo based website. it is easily optimize and its themes are easily available online. (link removed by moderator)

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Is WordPress good for SEO?

by Joneonau In reply to Website Development

Wordpress is most useful CMS for blog and website building.yes, Wordpress is good for but it’s depend on your theme,Images and plugins.
Wordpress Provide Best Plugins for the SEO, with use of those plugins it makes easy for doing seo.

here is some Basic Advantages

Custom create URL

In the wordpress you can easily create seo friendly url structure which is good for seo.

Quick and Easy for Content Creation

In Wordpress, sites grow big and grow fast. All that content brings breadth to your keyword families quickly, and your large site can quickly become “bait” for inbound links from other websites.

Plugins Support

Wordpress Provide different-different Plugins like seo plugins , image Compression plugins etc .. so it is good for SEO.

Lower Designed Template

I see a lot of Bad designed themes that undercut WordPress’ SEO power. Here’s an example I often see: a template will be designed with the blog’s title bearing a Heading 1 tag–that’s not the way to go. The h1 tag should speak to the subject of each page or post–to repeat an h1 tag mindlessly throughout hundred of pages on a blog is a waste of a valuable SEO tool.Code the Blog Title in a plain old CSS class–and utilize the powerful h1 tag for the on-page title for each post or page.

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by inappsvn In reply to Is WordPress good for SEO ...

Yes! When referred to primarily as a blogging stage, WordPress has made notoriety for giving a strong SEO establishment as a CMS

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Its all depends

by contact1550492909 In reply to Website Development

If you stick to WordPress you must have in mind that you must use paid plugins to make in order your website to be regularly updated and have overall good SEO Score.You must use Yoast Plugin which is wide used from many bloggers but is monthly paid and costly solution. WordPress without plugin which gives you additional features is nothing.
I would tell you reconsider using Exai or Wix who are paid platforms but also for very fair price you get automatically SEO widgets which will solve SEO as Yoast on WordPress.
Hope I helped.

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Yes it is

by namanmodi022 In reply to Website Development

Definitely here are the reasons

Wordpress beyond any doubt has a progressed significantly since it's underlying discharge in 2003, hasn't it?

In fact, Wordpress is currently utilized by 23.8% of all sites on the planet.

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Website development

by namanmodi022 In reply to Website Development

Wordpress is not innately fortunate or unfortunate for SEO, WordPress is a CMS. That being stated, Wordpress is in all respects generally utilized nowadays. Numerous SEO offices are amazingly acquainted with how to function inside the parameters of Wordpress, which is tremendous in addition to.

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Website Development

by pbleafletdistribut In reply to Website Development

Wordpress beyond any doubt has a progressed significantly since it's underlying discharge in 2003, hasn't it?

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website developement

by gouravbiswas2007 In reply to Website Development

yes ,wordpress is the best platform for website development , install some SEO plugins like yoast and make your website seo friendly Also check the few on-page factor like full responsiveness,site optimization ,structure data ,sitemap from the google developer tools, more info visit www.bhavitra.com for any help

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